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Relax Now Alchemical Acoustic Audio

Relax Now is powerful audio program combining leading edge audio entrainment technology with Alchemical Linguistics™ (special language patterns) to lead you into a state of profound relaxation.  You will enjoy a wonderful experience of relaxation the very first time you use Relax Now and every time you use it you will find your experience of relaxation growing deeper and more profound.  What’s more, unlike most other guided relaxation audios which you have to listen to each time you want relax, you will be creating what is known as an anchor, a keyword that acts like a magical word, that will allow you to instantly relax, anywhere and at anytime. This special audio program will also be supporting you in automatically carrying the benefits of relaxation into all areas of your life.  Further more this Relaxation program is designed to specifically support you in cultivating heart coherence. One final feature that most programs don’t have is Audiostrobe™ compatibility. This will allow you to use it with Audiostobecompatible  AVS Devices to include synchronized light entrainment There is no other relaxation program like it anywhere.




You will receive two different versions, each using a separate style of entrainment. One uses isochronic tones (pulses) while the other uses binaural beats. The isochronic tones are the more powerful entrainment method and can be used without headphones, but some people don’t like them. The binaural beats require the use of headphones. (headphones are recommended for the isochronic tones as almost all audio entrainment seems to work better with them, but unlike binaural beats which will not work without them, isochonic tones will work over speakers and in mono. If you have impairment in one ear isochronic tones are the only one that will be effective.



  • Special Alchemical Linguistics™ that
    • Quickly induce deep relaxation
    • Support you in going deeper every time you listen
    • Creates a ‘magic’ Keyword that will allow you to induce deep relaxation anytime and anywhere
    • Support you in carrying the power of relaxation into all aspects of your day and support all your objectives
    • Support you in cultivating heart coherence
  • Leading edge BrainWave Entrainment technology that powerful supports you in entering the brainstates that correspond to and create Deep relaxation.
    • We provide two versions for the same low price to allow you to choose the one that works best for you
  • Embedded AudioStrobe™ signal that allows you to take advantage to the increased entrainment power of Visual Entrainment



  • An increased ability to release stress both when you use the audio and as you go about your life
  • Quickly acquire the ability to instantly relax in any situation.
  • Provides you with ability to add the power of relaxation to all of your inner change strategies like affirmations, visualizations, scripting, NLP,  self-hypnosis, meditation etc., without adding anymore time


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Relax Now v1.0 (2 versions & instructions pdf)  - $17