Global Alchemy Spiritual Life Coaching

Who else wants to learn how to become the

change you want to see in the world?

I can only assume that you are a bit unique…

If not, then you probably wouldn’t be here, at this website, reading this page right now, as you begin to discover the possibilities of Global Alchemy.

We would like to open our hearts to you.

We have a vision of globally achieved visions, and we are looking to help some serious students speed up their success…

What is Global Alchemy?

“Global Alchemy is the art and science of becoming the change you want to see in the world and expressing it into the world through heart-centered visionary engagement with it”. -Tamo Willsat

Global Alchemy is our opportunity to transform this planet. Global Alchemy is only possible when people begin to truly understand the principles of Global Change… and Spiritual Life Coaching is our method of directly sharing those principles with you.

Where/when did Global Alchemy begin?

It’s hard to say… Buddha and Lao Tzu are two famous early examples… but surely they had teachers as well… my suspicion is that the potential for Alchemy is part of the very substance of the Universe itself…

In the last century, though, the most concise description of Global Alchemy came from Mahatma Ghandi:

We must become the change we want to see in the world

This is truly a beautiful and frequently quoted expression… but very few people offer much in the way of How to become the change… in order to create a clear ‘how-to’, we have created this Global Alchemy Coaching program.

Global Alchemy Spiritual Life Coaching is our method of sharing with you the principles and techniques which will allow you to become the change you want to see by learning the skills and knowledge needed to be an empowered Global Alchemist… who is living a life filled with meaning and true satisfaction… who possesses the Philosopher’s Stone that will transform every aspect of your life into Alchemical Gold. …

How will you benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching?

1. These Alchemical Life Coaching Sessions will help rise above the barage of negative messages the old pardim society and media bombard us with on a daily basis. Look on the web, read a paper, or watch the news… you will hear tons of reasons to be sad, afraid, or even angry… the latest end-of-the-world scare, the newest disease or epidemic, loss of jobs, war, hunger, natural disasters…

It gets to the point where some people just go numb. They can’t even tell what they feel about the world anymore. Unfortunately, this doesn’t resolve the problem; it just conceals it.

Spiritual Life Coaching will direct your attention to what is positive within you, and the more you focus in and recognize what is already magnificent within you, the more you will begin to learn to find all the right places to see what is magnificent in the world around you as well. And as you deeply begin to appreciate magnificence… the magnificence will begin to multiply, inside and out.

2. These Spiritual Life Coaching sessions will show you what traditional  psychologists, arm chair philosophersand, many ‘success ‘coaches don’t The world of happiness beyond conditions is truly beyond conditions… You don’t need a library of books, pills, medical procedures, or hours of mind games. Just like Alexander The Great, you have to find a way to ‘cut through the knot’.

Spiritual Life Coaching allows you to learn simple, yet incredibly transformational procedures live… where your questions can be answered immediately… and you can be certain that you really ‘get it’.

3. Alchemical Life Coaching will show you how to live a meaningful life filled with contribution and satisfaction By helping you understand your core intention and supporting you in setting and achieving objectives that are your unique and important expressions of that core intention, you will realize a satisfaction that no other achievements, no matter how big or coveted by the rest the world, will ever give you.

4. Spiritual Life Coaching gets results. The best experts in any field make use of coaching. The quickest way to learn any skill is through live instruction. More information is transferred more efficiently, and people experience incredible transformations.

What will you get from your Spiritual Life Coaching session?

  • How you can use the blend of heart coherence, brainwave entrainment, relaxation, Alchemical Linguistics, and meditation techniques to create instant, powerful change throughout your life
  • A specific training schedule (based off your needs and available time) that will set you up for continued success long after your coaching session is over.
  • Easy techniques to change your state fast
  • Simple ways to feel good now
  • Efficient ways to share your positive feelings with others
  • How to apply these principles in relationships, work, hobbies, and habit control
  • Learn to love your life

Warning: These sessions aren’t for everybody!

This isn’t an automatic cure-all. Results can occur almost instantaneously… but this can only happen for those who come willing to do their part. Anyone who is looking for someone else to magically ‘fix’ them is missing the point, and will have to keep looking.

At this point, there is little else to say. It is time for action. Your world will only begin to change after you choose to take a step… and the most dramatic changes come when you start the habit of motion. It’s always easier when you do it right away!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for having the thoughts and feelings it takes to show deep interest in Global Alchemy. Just what have done already is a step in the right direction… now the question becomes:

How far are we willing to go?

We would love to work with you personally, and We  look forward to the opportunity to connect and grow together in a Global Alchemy Spiritual Life Coaching session! contact us

Ben (719)216-8029

Tamo (719)209-9534


P.S. Act now and get a free download of our Relax Now Alchemical Acoustics Audio.

P.P.S.  In order to help you achieve incredible success quickly, we have created a 5-part Introductory e-course on Global Alchemy that will share with you many simple yet powerful tools that will allow you to “Become the change you want to see in the World” – This comes with a free subscription to our e-newsletter “The Visionary HeartBeat”

These audios and pdfs make an excellent addition to the coaching program.

To find out more go to 5-part Introductory e-course on Global Alchemy

or you can simply enter your first name and primary email address below and click “Free Instant Access” to begin right away.

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